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Getting a card, renewing materials, placing holds, etc.

Who can get a card?

Library cards may be obtained free of charge by non-temporary residents of Orange County and residents of counties contiguous to Orange County (Albemarle, Culpeper, Greene, Louisa, Madison and Spotsylvania counties) .

 Temporary residents who are unlikely to remain in our area for an extended period (six months or more) such as visitors and houseguests will not be issued cards.

What do I need to bring with me to get a card?


Obtaining a library card requires proof of identification, proof of address and proof of residency. 

Proof of ID

Acceptable forms of identification for proof of ID are limited to: state issued driver’s license or ID card (from any U.S. state), U.S. Military ID, passport, or Permanent Resident Card (green card) and must include a photo and birth date.


Proof of mailing address

Acceptable forms of identification for proof of permanent mailing address are limited to:

Items listed in the proof ID section (if address is current and local – an expired license cannot be used for proof of address)

Current utility or insurance bill

Current vehicle registration

Rent or mortgage payment receipt with name, printed (not handwritten) address,

and date of payment dated within the past 2 months

Tax receipt from payment of real estate or personal property taxes dated within the past

12 months

Bank statement dated within the past 2 months

Current Virginia voter registration card

Cancelled check or printout of same from online banking that includes address and

cancellation and is dated within the past 2 months.

Lease or rental agreement


Proof of residency

For those people unable to prove residency in our service area with the items listed above we will accept a Lake of the Woods or other community ID card, Orange County, VA issued employee ID, or a library card from a reciprocal borrowing partner (Culpeper County Library or Central Rappahannock Regional Library) to satisfy the proof of residency requirement only.


For non-resident students we can accept a current college or other officially issued school ID and cancelled mail that is printed, not handwritten, and includes the name, an address inside our service area and a postmark dated within the last 2 months.

FOR MINORS (those under age 18)

When applying for a library card for a minor child, we require that the responsible party (parent or legal guardian) signing the child’s card application also have a library card and present their ID as outlined above. The child must be present in order for the card to be issued.

Emancipated minors must provide documentation for their status and their own identification. For emancipated minors we can also accept an identi-kid ID card or social security card and birth certificate.

 Patrons holding a library card signed for by a parent/legal guardian are required to re-register under their own signature when they turn 18 or achieve emancipated minor status.

Borrowing Limits

There is a limit of 30 items per card. Within that there is a limit of 6 each on the following: “new” books, DVDs, books on CD, books on cassette, music CDs, VHS tapes and CD-ROM software. We also restrict to 3 items on a subject or in a series, per card, per visit.

When can I use my card?

Cards are effective immediately.  New cards are registered as provisional pending verification of your address by mailing you a postcard which needs to be returned to the library.  There is a checkout limit of 2 items until address verification is completed.

Do I need to have card with me to check out items or use a computer?

Yes.  Effective May 15, 2003 a library card must be presented in order to check out library materials.

What if I lost my card?


Replacement cards will be issued for a $1.00 fee upon presentation of photo ID (state issued driver’s license or photo ID, military ID, Permanent Resident Card (green card) passport, student ID, identi-kid card, employee ID card).

Photo ID will not be required for those under age 18 but is strongly preferred for those age 16 and over. Those under age 18 will be asked to verbally verify information from their patron account before a replacement card is issued to verify identity.

Persons over age 18 who are unable to document their local address may use library materials in house and use the library computers as a guest for up to 30 days while they obtain proof of address. Those under 10 may use the library Internet computers as guests only in the presence of an accompanying parent.

How long is my card good?

Cards expire each year on the anniversary of issue. All new cards are issued as provisional cards and require the address verification postcard mailed to the address provided at registration to be returned to the library within 30 days for full privileges to be activated.  All provisional cards expire in 30 days.

Where can I use my card?

Orange County Public Library cards can be used at our Main Library in Orange, the Wilderness Branch Library in Locust Grove, and the Gordonsville Library in Gordonsville.  We also have reciprocal borrowing with the Central Rappahannock Regional Library (Fredericksburg), Culpeper County Public Library, and the Madison County Public Library.  At those libraries you would need to apply and obtain one of their library cards, but there is no cost for doing so.  The Jefferson Madison Regional Library (Charlottesville) charges a $30 annual of out area user fee to our cardholders effective Jan 1, 2013.  They also require a separate card issued by their system.

Where can I return my items?

Orange County Public Library materials may only be returned at our three locations. Our Main Library in Orange, the Wilderness Branch Library in Locust Grove, and the Gordonsville Library in Gordonsville.  Materials returned elsewhere may result in late fines or replacement charges.


How do I request an item or place a hold?

To place a hold on any item, please
Search for the title,
select it from the list by double-clicking on it
and then select the Hold Request button at the lower left.
You will need your library card Number and PIN number to place a hold.
If you do not have a PIN number, you will need a library staff member to set one up for you.
Many patrons have a default PIN number entered for them of the last four digits of their phone number.

There is a limit of ten holds at a time for each borrower.

 Renewing Your Borrowed Items

To renew any item that you have checked out, please
Go to My  Account

Input your library card number (the entire barcode number on the back of your card)and your PIN number. Many patrons have the last 4 digits of their telephone number set up as their PIN number. If this does not work, please come in or call and have our staff establish a PIN number for you.

Place a check mark in the box to the left of each title that you would like to renew
and then click on RENEW CHECKED ITEMS.

Please keep in mind that items on hold for other patrons cannot be renewed.
Also,there is a limit of one seven day renewal on videos,
and one renewal of one week on CD-ROM software.
There is a limit of one full 2 week renewal on "new" books for adults.
All other items may be renewed 2 times.

PLEASE NOTE: The renewal due date for all items except "new" books for adults, DVDs, Blu-Rays and CD-ROMs will be three weeks from the date of the renewal, not three weeks from the original due date.
For DVDs , Blu-Rays, and CD-ROMs the due date will be one week from the date the item(s) are renewed.

 For "new" adult books the due date will be two weeks from the date the item (s) are renewed.


Items which are overdue may be renewed online, but a charge for the number of days that the item is overdue at the time of renewal will be placed into your account.
If you have questions about overdue renewal charges, call your local branch.
Main Library (540)672-3811, Wilderness Branch (540)854-5310 or 972-1675, Gordonsville Branch (540)832-0712

We do not perform renewals based on voicemail messages. 

Library Fines

Fines are as follows:
Adult items (books, magazines, CDs, audiobooks) are fined 20 cents per day with a maximum fine of $5.00 per item.
Children's items (books, magazines, tapes and CD's) are fined 10 cents per day with a maximum of $2.00 per item.
ALL CD-ROMs are charged a fine of 10 cents per day late with a maximum of $5.00 per item.
ALL DVDs and Blu-rays are charged a fine of 50 cents per day late with a maximum of $5.00 per item.

At 366 days overdue, all overdue items will be billed to the customer at the replacement cost.  If the item is no longer available, the default replacement price for that type of item will be charged.



Main Library
146A Madison Road
Orange, VA  22960
Fax: 540-672-5040

Wilderness Branch
6421 Flat Run Road
Locust Grove, VA 22508

Gordonsville Branch
319 N. Main Street
Gordonsville, VA  22942


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