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Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary loan requests for materials from other libraries will be made only for cardholders who are residents of Orange County.   Other cardholders are requested to use this service at a library in the county where they reside.  To defray processing costs, a non-refundable charge of $4 will be levied on each item at the time the request is made.  Any additional charges for postage, not to exceed $5, levied by the lending institution will be transferred to the patron.  These charges will accrue whether or not the patron picks up the requested book.  Some libraries charge additional fees to loan their materials.  If the requested materials cannot be obtained from a library which does not charge, the request will not be filled without obtaining approval from the patron for the additional charge.

Any item owned by the Orange County Library system may not be requested for interlibrary loan.  New books (less than 1 year old) cannot be requested on interlibrary loan.  Bestsellers and highly publicized books are usually not available for interlibrary loan because libraries fill their own patrons’ needs first.  Video games and DVDs cannot be requested on interlibrary loan.  Audio books cannot be requested on interlibrary loan.

Patrons are limited to 5 interlibrary loan requests per month due to staffing levels.

The policies and procedures for interlibrary loan will follow the

The policies and procedures for interlibrary loan and loan requests will conform to the American Library Association’s “Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States, 2016.”

A sample of the interlibrary loan request form is available in the Appendix.

(Approved by the Library Board of Trustees 1/98; amended 3/2006;10/2011; 2/2020)

Copyright laws apply to all interlibrary loans.

Fee Policy
1. Postage Fees:  There will be a minimum charge of $4.00 for each item shipped, payable at the time of the request.
2. Lending Library Fees:  The library will always try to borrow items from libraries that lend free of charge.  If a free source is not available, the patron will be required to pay the charges.  The patron will be notified and given opportunity to decline the requested materials and the lending library fees.

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