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We miss our customers and one of the things we miss the most is helping people find things.

This page was created to give ideas of ways to select items for those used to browsing in person

IDEA 1: Call and ask us to pick out items for you

The more specific you can be, the more likely we will get items that you will like.

For example, I would like 10 picture books about pirates or 5 large-print cozy mysteries.

Some names of authors or books you enjoyed is also a great help.

Staff can activate a history of what you are borrowing to help us not duplicate, but only if you expressly request us to start that feature.

Main Library (540) 672-3811, Wilderness Branch (540) 854-5310, Gordonsville Branch (540) 832-0712

IDEA 2: Use automatic searches to see the new items in our libraries by category

These searches update automatically so each time you use it, you will see the new items that have been added.

Just click the button for the type of item you want such as “adult fiction” or “TV series”.

We also have auto searches for adult fiction in different genre categories such as romance, mystery, fantasy and historical fiction.

IDEA 3: Subscribe to our WOWBRARY newsletter

Click the picture button to subscribe.

This will send you one e-mail each Wednesday listing all the new items added at the library in the past week by category.

You can click and see only the new cookbooks, for example, or only the new audiobooks.

Logo button link to subscribe to Wowbrary Newsletter

IDEA 4: Use call number browse to browse the shelves virtually

Our online catalog offers the option under “advanced search” to browse by call number, just choose local call# from the list of options.

If you have a book at home and want more like it, or you find one in the catalog and would like more similar ones, this can work for you.

Say you have the “How Can It Be Gluten-Free Cookbook” and it has a number of 641.5638

If you enter that number in the advanced search by local number, you will find other gluten free books, but also Paleo cookbooks which also include a lot of gluten free recipes.

IDEA 5: Use our Novelist database to get recommendations for books

Novelist can recommend titles based on things you enjoyed or by genre, theme, plot type and a host of other appeal factors.

Please note that we do not own all of the titles listed in Novelist.

You can place a purchase request using this form

Purchasing decisions are based mainly on the appeal of an item to a wide group of borrowers.

We utilize state of the art software that analyzes our circulation history, book reviews, marketing and other factors to predict demand for specific items.


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  • Wilderness Branch

    Wilderness Branch
    6421 Flat Run Road
    Locust Grove, VA 22508

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